Friday, August 11, 2017


Colonoscopies are not much fun but usually necessary to let a doctor know what is going on inside your bowels.  In all my years I have had several with no complications other than a couple of polyps snipped out during the procedure.
One such procedure stands out that was done at the Veterans Affair hospital a number of years ago in Phoenix, AZ. As a WWII veteran, standing in line with revealing gowns was not something new for me.  But we were all heading for the same area for some mass production  scoping. My turn came and all went well but before I got off the table and then the technician asked my permission to do some further testing.  I agreed, proving that it wouldn't cost me anything and wouldn't hurt.
With those insurances I let him insert a tube with special little instruments.  "Now"he said, "Squeeze down like you are trying to stop a poop." I did, and he was happy at the results.  He than instructed me to try to poop even though there was no chance of anything coming out of those thoroughly flushed out bowels.  He was satisfied with those tests and let me get off the table with a thank you for being cooperative for his experiments.
After I was dressed and leaving the room I walked by an open door and looked into a kitchen type room.  On the stainless counter were
a number of used scopes while in a large tob of very soapy water with more scopes to be washed.
I thought to myself, "Time to do dishes!"

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